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2 years ago

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Well, as we said, we have begun to be very friendly with the patent of John, called Ann and Terry's name changed, there are plenty of house near Manchester ZIP codes. Ann and Terry come to the bar more and more seem to have a bee line for us, drink, drink to drink with them began. Ann had begun to give Jane a kiss realitykings on the cheek when it comes to a pub and when she goes home, she is very touch and Jane never misses an opportunity to touch and caress Easter Sunday was a contest in our bar and Terry Ann team, there were 12 of us and bring back a table. Jane Ann was the usual kiss on the realitykings cheek and a chair and sat beside the drink began to flow. We are very busy, so I give realitykings a hand at the bar was. Jane Ann came to me and said, stroking his leg under the table one can see what is happening there could only drink to be careful, remember I said that what happens in a pub can be, we with a partner that wered all wrong and lost two friends and a big drop in front of customers. Jane returned and Ann sat next to me managed the bar and they were joined by Jane looked at the table for me to see, so he retired and his hand was touching her leg her skirt Jane was also not has long been out of her pussy. The contest ended I went to talk to some guys and Ann Jane, Terry was asked, said he's toilet, which does not say much to each other as he is the son is not with the public. You could say I came back from the toilet, I told Jane not in our bathroom was a little later I will. Now if any of you red in our history of February 15, the night of realitykings Valentine remembers Jane, Jane is in a pub toilet a few times already screwed. Now, I turned around with a hard think about what will happen in the night they stay for a drink later, I was realitykings asked, John was in many of the evening was in everything that Terry said I had an appointment with the girli thaught that the end with him. Jane Ann came and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and she went home, when the whole body had gone Jane told me what had happened to touch her under the table and could only get her to cut off panties, but soaking. She said she got up and went to the bathroom there was no one pushed against the wall and kissed her mouth tongues in each other fingers in the pussy. tried to go to Jane in realitykings a cabin, but Jane's had enough sense not our own pub, they separated and returned to the bar, told Jane that she wanted her explain later said. Wednesday night, Ann and Terry came into the bar we had realitykings a few drinks together as normal in a kiss of Jane, the two disappeared into the garden for half an hour laughing matter who went home early Jane said she had something to ask me later, when the whole body was gone I sat on a bar stool Jane was on her knees and gave me a bj i saidYou tell me what has been said about this, she said. Jane said that tomorrow morning to go to John Terry to realitykings play golf and Ann wants me there and please let me go home, I joined the cause of Jane will talk about us when we say anything about them. MAYOR Now is the time Thursday DINNER WITH HARD I'm here I've had for years wondering what is the Sea If realitykings you want to tell Jane to leave a comment please Paul

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